Whether you’re looking to give yourself a confidence boost or need to update your LinkedIn and dating app photos, the art of the selfie is one worth mastering. Here are some tips from professionals on taking better photos of yourself, so you can be picture-perfect at a moment’s notice.

Experiment with different angles
The positioning of a camera can affect how your face looks, says photographer Pavel Ladziak. Some people, for instance, look better with the camera held at a shorter distance. You can also try tilting your head with the phone straight or tilting the phone and your head in the same direction. “Snap until you get the best angle,” says Ladziak. “This is effective because those who will look at your picture will follow your slight movement.”

Flex your acting muscles
Think of your selfie as a dramatic performance. “People are drawn to our eyes to see if they can connect to the emotion or mood of the picture,” Ladziak explains. “Therefore, practice the look that suits you. Do you need to soften your glare, smize, or gaze deep into the lens of the camera? If you need to imagine something before you click the camera button, do so.”

Use a well-lit background
If you can, it’s best to shoot outside or in front of an open window so that you get natural light, says makeup artist Mandie Brice. “Unless you are specifically working with shadows to create a specific mood, even lighting is best so that there aren’t additional distracting lines in the image,” she says. “You can use white or light-colored items to fill in light or reflect it where it is needed… think pillowcases or even simple pieces of posterboard.” You can also attach a device like the SOAR LED Ring Light (available in the FabFitFun Summer Box!) to your phone for better lighting. 

Use timing apps to take photos from a distance
You don’t need to be up close to your camera in order to capture a photo of yourself. Instead, install an app like Lens Buddy that lets your camera automatically take photos of you. All you have to do is select a time interval between photos, then pose for the camera.

Keep it simple
If you want the focus to be on your face, don’t wear anything too complicated or leave anything distracting in the background. “Solid colors without too much distracting details are a great choice unless the focal point of the picture is supposed to be the outfit, in which case other things like the background should be more simple,” says Brice.

xx, The FabFitFun Team