Supporting other women is more than posting a #squad photo on Instagram. Like a good Beyoncé album, here are three ways to empower the women in your life!

Actively Support Their Goals and Dreams
It’s one thing to be there to celebrate your friend’s success – it’s another to support her during the hustle. Does she have an upcoming interview she’s nervous about? Help her prepare for the big day by practicing interviews and offering feedback. Is your sister trying to break into the culinary world? Look into your own network and connect her with individuals who could get her foot in the door. Offering words of encouragement can bolster her confidence, but taking the time to help get the wheels moving in the direction of her dreams takes it up a notch!

Attend Female-Empowered Events Together
From hearing female artists share their vision and vulnerabilities at art showings to attending the Women’s March in Los Angeles with friends from all walks of life, some of the most grounding experiences women can have take place in a community of women. Attend female-led events, speaker panels, comedy shows, and film screenings with your gal pals and host a wine night afterward! When you create space to discuss and exchange ideas, dreams, and experiences, your collective spirits will be lifted. You might even want to set up a message group to keep each other updated on upcoming events.

Share Inspiring, Female-Centered Podcasts
Sometimes supporting other women looks like a podcast episode. Hearing stories about successful women navigating their own journeys in career and life will inspire your girlfriends to pursue their goals with confidence. There are several podcasts that are worth following and sharing with all the ladies in your life. Our favorite for career talks is Heroine , which features honest, enlightening interviews with successful women like Marian Goodell, CEO of Burning Man and iconic fashion designer, Eileen Fisher. For all things body-positive and self-love, Food Psych is a great podcast that discusses topics like confidence, body image, dieting, and more in a vulnerable, yet refreshing.

xx, The FabFitFun Team