We’re all about the deal of the century when it comes to jetting around the globe. But with too-good-to-be-true fares come dreaded airport layovers. Thanks to wifi, it’s a little easier to manage, but delays can leave you feeling anxious, restless, and downright exhausted.

What to do to pass the time? The pros at TravelSetGo, a membership only hotel deal site, were fabulous enough to spill the beans when it comes to dreaded layovers. From joining airline clubs to exploring like a local, kill time with these helpful tips.

research airportResearch Your Airport
Find out ahead of time if the airport where you will be spending your layover offers restaurants, shops, or other activities. Some airports have theaters, museums, gyms, and play areas for children. If you find yourself burdened by luggage, keep in mind that many airports offer a service that allows bags to be held safely throughout the duration of your layover.

Site seeTake a Local Adventure
If you have a long time before your flight, research the local tourist attractions close enough to explore. Before leaving, find out how long it would take to see these specific attractions. Many airports offer direct trains or buses so you can avoid expensive cab rides.

Airport clubJoin a Club
Most major airlines offer VIP clubs at large airports where you can enjoy a relaxing, upscale environment complete with food and drink. If you are not already a member of a VIP club, inquire about a frequent flyer day pass.

take a strollTake a Stroll
Exercise helps you relax and provides you with an energy boost so you can get through the rest of your trip. Explore the airport by taking a walk through public exhibits, window-shop, or people watch. Get some fresh air and restore circulation to your legs at the same time!

xx, The FabFitFun Team