If you work out regularly, choosing the right workout shoe really does make a difference. When it comes to finding the shoe for you, follow this guidance:

Invest in shoes that are specifically designed for the activity you do the most. Are you generally a jogger or a runner? Then don’t buy a cross-trainer; buy a running shoe that has heel-to- toe support. If you mostly strength train or do cardio, opt instead for cross-trainers that provide side-to-side support for your foot.

Examine the evidence. Look at a well-worn pair of workout shoes and notice where the shoes are worn down the most. The next pair of shoes you buy should have significant support for these areas.

Get to know your feet. Do you have a high arch, or are you more flat-footed? Buy a shoe with the right amount of arch support based on your foot. Certain shoe brands provide more arch support than others.

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xoxo, Workout Girl

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