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A woman’s mind can sometimes act like an internet browser with 1,394 open tabs. Often we’re focused on multitasking so many things during the day that it’s difficult to stay present. If this sounds like you, try to implement these three easy tips to stay more mindful during your day.

Resist the urge to stare at your phone. If you’re waiting in a doctor’s office, sitting at a coffee shop, or waiting in a line, you’re often filling that time by scrolling through your phone. Practice resisting this urge and simply taking in your surroundings. If you do this often enough, you’ll find you are more apt to live in the moment rather than get lost in your news feed.

Recognize that it’s not all about the selfie. If you’re at an amazing concert or watching a beautiful sunset, try not to take pictures, snap selfies, or record a video. Instead, just let yourself enjoy the experience of being there in that moment and taking it all in.

Get organized. It’s difficult to stay present when you’re worried or anxious about something. Lessen your worries and stress by staying organized. You can stay more focused on other things when you’re not constantly trying to find your keys or your remote.

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