While some women prefer to go bare, others like to go au naturale and keep a little hair down there. But is one way better than the other when it comes to your bikini area?

If you’d rather remove it, just make sure you’re using professional grade products that are sterile and clean. The same goes for a professional bikini wax or laser hair removal — do your research and pick a place you trust. The last thing you want is any sort of irritation!

Of course, the choice of hair removal is 100% yours and a matter of personal preference, but you might want to think twice before going completely bare because believe it or not, there are quite a few benefits of keeping your bush.

Your pubes have a purpose. They aren’t just there for no reason. Your pubic hair is there to protect your vagina from viruses and bacteria. It can also help regulate moisture by keeping excess wetness away from your skin, which can lead to irritation or infections (ouch!).

Pubic hair is a friction barrier. Whether you prefer to go commando (sans underwear) or slip into your favorite panties, your pubic hair can protect your skin from excess rubbing and friction to prevent irritation.

Hair removal may lead to infection. Going hairless doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to get an infection, but it does open up the possibility of contracting STIs and other diseases. Research shows that you’re more likely to get STIs without a bush, especially if hair removal causes you to scratch the area due to itching. The open sores and wounds make it more likely for STIs to occur.

Keep it clean. If you do decide to keep your bush, make sure you’re cleaning it properly. While your pubes work to protect your vagina from bacteria, you need to show it some love by making sure you’re washing the area daily. It’s especially important to keep your pubic hair clean during menstruation and after sweating — you can’t get away with using dry shampoo on this one!

xx, The FabFitFun Team