When you start hooking up with a dude and things get hot and heavy, realizing he’s uncircumcised can sometimes come as a surprise. If this is your first encounter with an uncircumcised fella, it can even be nerve wracking.

Here are a few simple tips to follow that will ensure your partner is pleasured and you don’t end up staring at his goods and not knowing what to do with ’em.

Roll With It
If you’re partaking in the fellatio aspect of oral sex you’ll want to start by gently rolling back the foreskin to reveal the head of his penis. The keyword here is “gently.” If you push it back too hard or too low, it can be painful. Your partner may even roll it back for you. But if he doesn’t, start slowly and test the waters as you go.

Use Your Head… Errr… His
The tip or “head” is usually the more sensitive part of a guy’s member. This is still the same for uncircumcised men. Focus on flicking your tongue or rolling it around the head while you move the foreskin up and down with your hand. This will provide double the stimulation for your partner.

Stick To The Basics
You can still pretty much proceed as usual. The extra foreskin isn’t going to do anything. Don’t overthink it.

Ask Him!
The first time you hook up with an uncircumcised partner, we totally understand that you might be shy or uncomfortable to ask what you’re supposed to do. However, after a few times feel free to speak up! Tell him this is your first time with an uncircumcised guy and ask if he has any tips or things that just don’t work for him. Communication will always yield the best results when it comes to any kind of sex.

xx, The FabFitFun Team