You have your investment pans and tableware, but you’d be surprised at how much a good apron can make a difference in the kitchen. That’s why Ellen Bennett, a professional chef, founded Hedley & Bennett and completely changed the apron game forever. Frustrated by the non-durable (and quite frankly, fashionably lacking) aprons on the market, she set out to create high-quality, handmade aprons made to last. It only makes sense why top chefs in the industry swear by them!

We’re spotlighting 12 of our favorite styles below so you can start cooking with confidence.

The Essential Apron – Dream First $105

Whether you love to bake or cook, a fun, bright-colored apron is sure to brighten your mood in the kitchen.

The Essential Apron – Cedar $95

Calling all minimalists! This is such a classic and timeless style that is sure to make you look like a professional cook.

The Essential Apron – Denver $85

We’re all for unisex designs that are made to last. The functionality and durability of this apron is what makes it so loved by professional chefs.

The Essential Apron – Palm $95

Tested by Michelin Star chefs, there’s no doubt this one is a crowd favorite.

The Tie Dye Apron – Sapphire $95

Bring the tie-dye trend into the kitchen with this fun little number.

The Tie Dye Apron – Onyx $95

Don’t mind us as we imagine all of the delectable dishes we’re going to be cooking in this.

The Carryall Apron – Julep $85

Who knew aprons could be so stylish? This one’s sure to make you feel like a real chef in the kitchen.

The Carryall Apron – Egg Yolk $85

Raise your hand if you appreciate it when the name of an item perfectly describes it. It’s the little things!

The Carryall Apron – Bubblegum $85

This one’s another fun pop of color to add to your apron rotation.

The Carryall Apron – Bordeaux $85

We’re getting major culinary chef vibes from this rich wine shade.

Bravo’s Top Chef x H&B $95

If you’re prone to spills, a darker hue like this one might be more up your alley.

The Waxman – Woodland Camo $120

The most heavyweight out of the bunch, this apron is made with waxed canvas to withstand anything in the kitchen.

xx, The FabFitFun Team