by Carina Sohaili of Vibrant Healthy Life

Awards season is in full swing and being on the red carpet is hard work. You need to have lasting energy, glowing skin, and a poised demeanor. Below are two of my favorite red carpet- ready snacks that I recommend to all my clients when prepping them for the season ahead.

Pumpkin seeds (1/8-1/4 of a cup is an ideal snack size): These little guys are loaded with the right combination of protein and healthy fat in order to satisfy your cravings, suppress your hunger levels, and keep you full until your next meal. The vitamin E in pumpkin seeds is fantastic because it fights off damaging free radicals that contribute to aging. Vitamin E also does wonders for wrinkles and contributes to smoother skin. The healthy fats are ideal for lowering anxiety levels and reducing stress. Pumpkin seeds also contain zinc, an immune-boosting superstar.

My de-bloating chia seed cup of bliss: Combine one four-ounce cup of plain, all-natural Greek yogurt with one tablespoon of chia seeds, stevia (an all-natural sweetener), and cinnamon (add berries for extra flavor if desired). Greek yogurt is loaded with healthy bacteria, which is great for digestion, bloating, and immunity. Chia seeds are a complete protein, packed with 27 different nutrients from antioxidants to vitamins and minerals such as calcium. Cinnamon is one of my favorite slimming spices. This saucy spice is great for stabilizing energy levels because it does not spike your blood sugar. Cinnamon also helps with stomach cramps, nausea, and those pre-award jitters. For another healthy parfait idea check out my pumpkin parfait recipe rehab video

Deprivation is no fun and leads to hanger, the deadly combination of hunger and anger.

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