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If you know about collagen, you’re already ahead of the game. Collagen supplements are a favorite amongst celebrities and it’s a must when it comes to overall natural health.

So what exactly is collagen? It’s the most abundant protein in our bodies that supports healthy hair, skin, and nails. But with modern diets and cooking processes, we don’t receive the same amount of collagen through food like our ancestors once did — so it’s vital to supplement our bodies with whole collagen protein.

Vital Proteins Marine Collagen (featured in the FabFitFun Summer Box) offers a natural, simple way to keep you looking good from the inside and out as it helps reduce fine lines, improve elasticity, and restore the skin’s moisture.**

Luckily, there are dozens of ways to add collagen into your diet. From smoothies to spaghetti sauce, and everything in between, here’s how you can seamlessly incorporate it into your everyday.

Mix it into your morning coffee or tea
Start your day off right with a dose of Marine Collagen in your morning pick-me-up. It’s easily dissolvable and has a neutral taste, so you wouldn’t even know that you just made your morning joe a protein-packed powerhouse with 10 grams of collagen protein.

Add it to your post-workout smoothie
Repair and refuel your muscles after your workout with a protein-rich smoothie. It’s not only refreshing, it also offers a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals to help you replenish your muscles and ligaments post-exercise. Try this mint smoothie for a quick yet delicious boost in collagen.

Sneak some extra nutrients into your dinner
Adding Marine Collagen into sauces, stews, or soups is an easy way to sneak extra protein into your daily diet. Since Marine Collagen is easily dissolvable in liquids, adding a scoop into your favorite recipe is seamless, tasteless, and odorless.

Make dessert a little healthier
Who said dessert has to be an unhealthy delight? Satisfy your sweet tooth without the overwhelming guilt with these delicious, yet healthy recipes that use whole ingredients and Marine Collagen for an added boost of protein. Try out this scrumptious apple crisp recipe.

Feel revitalized with a detox juice
If you’ve ever had that something-doesn’t-feel-right feeling, your body might be trying to tell you something. Perhaps you overindulged in junk food over the weekend or got a little off track with your healthy diet — but that’s OK! A simple detox juice made with Marine Collagen might be just the ticket to feeling fabulous because of its long list of benefits including digestion and promoting healthy immune function.

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**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.