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We might be celebrating Halloween a bit differently this year, but the one thing you can still do is eat candy. And with Halloween falling on a full moon, you’ll be more connected to the planets than ever. So, why not match your candy to your astrological sign? We’ve got a few suggestions from psychic and astrologer Deborah Graham on how to do that, just for kicks. 

Aquarius: Good & Plenty

Aquarians like things with strong, distinct flavors. “They like the odd, the different — they want things that are very unique,” says Graham. Black licorice should fulfill that craving, especially when it’s in the form of colorful Good & Plenty.

Pisces: Gummy Bears

Pisces appreciate variety, so they’ll enjoy all the different-colored gummy bears.

Aries: Snickers

Crunch appeals to Aries because it gives them a little mood boost, which can help offset their volatile nature.

Taurus: Caramel

Tauruses are tough, just like chewy caramels, which will bring them back to childhood and help them lighten up. “It really gives them comfort,” says Graham. “It makes them safe and secure.”

Gemini: Junior Mints

Geminis enjoy dark chocolate and mint because the flavors are as intense as they are — and there are two very different tastes for each side of the Gemini’s personality.

Cancer: M&M’s

Cancers are children at heart, so they’ve never outgrown the joys of eating M&M’s, says Graham. They’ll probably want to sort them out by color and save their favorite for last.

Leo: Skittles

Leos are colorful people, so it’s only natural for them to want to taste the rainbow. The different tastes, smells, and colors will awaken their creative energy.

Virgo: Candy Corn

Virgos like harder candies, since they themselves are rock solid, dependable, and difficult to wear down.

Libra: Starburst

Libras appreciate aesthetic beauty and balance, like that found in pretty pastel-colored Starbursts.

Scorpio: Twizzlers

Scorpios are often tense, so peeling and pulling on Twizzlers provides an outlet for all their energy.

Sagittarius: Sour Patch Kids

Sagittarius signs are adrenaline junkies, so they appreciate the way sour candy shocks the system when you put it in your mouth.

Capricorn: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Level-headed, mild-mannered Capricorns don’t want anything too overwhelming, says Graham — the mild taste and smooth texture of peanut butter cups suit them just fine.

xx, The FabFitFun Team