Whether you’re planning your wedding or currently pinning your favorite looks to your “Wedding” board on Pinterest, one thing is for sure: We’ll never get tired of them — or stop dreaming about them.

Empty Vase, a luxury florist based in WeHo, gave us the lowdown on the most popular wedding themes as of late. From romantic fairytale weddings to jewel toned color schemes, these are some of our fave styles.

540563b71bca20658885f23043cd6d54 Luxurious White and Cream
All-white weddings are refreshing and cooling, especially in the summer! You can never go wrong with this color because it’s such a timeless scheme.

3022c67a2a169d17a35caa639dfe898f Lush Greenery
Greenery, which is normally used as a filler for the space between flowers, is now starting to take center stage at weddings — and it looks stunning.

a3f4e6173f55b4294a6541ad09d2a5ae Jewel Toned Colors
This scheme is always a fave as it’s a great way to transition into the end of summer. Also, the combination of vibrant colors are gorgeous!

DSC_6874-copy-2 Romantic Fairytale
Garden-style weddings have been pretty popular this year as it’s an in-between of the rustic style and the traditional all-white wedding. You can have a two-for-one with this gorgeous theme.

aa2df31457e005ab73310e35d3047018 Flower Walls
Everyone loves flower walls! They’re a great addition to any wedding and perfect for ‘gram-worthy photo opps.

xx, The FabFitFun Team