What better way to bond with someone than by sharing the same dislikes? The dating app, Hater, thinks so too. The first of its kind, Hater connects you with people who hate the same stuff as you.

If someone likes Britney Spears, for example, that’s a deal breaker. If someone hates Game of Thrones, also a deal breaker. Better to find out sooner than later, am I right? Sure, they might have a pretty face, but let’s face it — if you can’t discuss who’s going to sit on the Iron Throne, there’s no future.


For the most part, Hater operates like your average dating app…but better! It’s like playing a fun quiz where you’re presented with over 3,000 topics that you can choose to hate by swiping down, love by swiping up, like by swiping right, and dislike by swiping left.

As I started to explore the app, I quickly noticed that nothing is off limits. Before swiping through people, you swipe through topics. And as I mentioned, you’re not restricted to the traditional left and right swipe.


The first topic I was presented with was, “Butt Selfies,” and if you’re not Gisele I’m not interested, so I swiped down to hate. I was in the 27% category. Haters gonna hate.


Next up, Fashion Week! Swiped up to love. Each quadrant shows you the percentage of people who have answered the same question, and where you fall. For example, 12% love fashion week, 35% dislike it, 27% hate it, and 26% like it.

By indicating how you feel towards everything from silly topics to the more serious ones including celebrities, selfie sticks, abortion, movies, the death penalty, showering together, raves, or sushi, you skip the part where you’re prompted to fill out a boring bio or answer a question like, “What’s your favorite food?” And, instead, you’re able to show more a meaningful and well-rounded image of yourself.

When I started to browse profiles, I found that I was more interested in seeing what a person hated and liked, instead of doing a quick “hot or not” assessment in my head.

Since the app is always adding new topics on which to weigh on in, you can adjust the first five hates that appear on your profile. The app uses an algorithm that bases matches on shared likes…but mostly hates.

Would you try out this dating app? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

xx, The FabFitFun Team