Spoiler alert: This week’s episode marks the return of Sandor “The Hound” Clegane.

The Hound has been living a quiet life and helping a community of believers build what we can only guess is a temple. He and his savior, a man of Faith, have developed a strange friendship as they both share a violent past. By the end of the episode, their peace is unfortunately interrupted as their village is attacked and the Hound is the only survivor, and he’s set on avenging his dead comrades.

King’s Landing
Back in King’s Landing, Queen Margaery continues to read from the holy text in the sept and has a conversation with the High Sparrow in which he explicitly tells her that her grandmother, Lady Olenna the Queen of Throns, is a sinner and headed for punishment. Margaery, shadowed by Septa Unella, visits her and tells her to return home. Lady Olenna objects, but gives in when Margaery secretly slips her something — a scrap of paper with a single rose (the Tyrell’s sigil) drawn on it.

Meanwhile in Riverrun
Jaime Lannister arrives at Riverrun in time to see the Freys threatening Brynden “Blackfish” Tully to give up the castle or his nephew, Edmure Tully, would be killed. After this plan fails, Jaime commands them to feed and wash Edmure and meets with the Blackfish to talk. The Kingslayer offers amnesty for the Tullys if they surrender – of course, Blackfish not so kindly declines.

Things Are Going South in the North
Jon Snow, Sansa, and Ser Davos campaign around the North in an attempt to gather enough forces to attack and recapture Winterfell. The Wildlings and the Mormonts — after a long conversation with Lyanna Mormont (who is also possibly the most badass 10-year old) — agree to march with the Starks; however, they are less successful with House Glover. Sansa writes a letter, but we do not know what she wrote or whom she is writing to.

Oh, Arya
Arya is still in Braavos, in regular clothes and books passage back to Westeros on a ship that leaves the following morning. When all is looking up, the Waif, disguised as an old woman, cuts and stabs her multiple times. Arya is able to escape and jump into the water only to end up walking through the streets of Braavos, bleeding out, helpless, and paranoid.

The Iron Islands
In the Iron Islands, Yara and Theon are at a pub, their last stop before heading to Meereen. Theon sits uncomfortably as his men and sister are drunk and getting “intimate” with prostitutes. Since his imprisonment, Theon has been a shadow of a man, but Yara finally addresses it and tells him that he should either kill himself or return to his former self. Theon quickly drinks a mug of ale, and looks up at his sister with a fire in his eyes that we have not seen in a long time.

Like we predicted
– Cleganebowl confirmed! The Hound is confirmed alive and pissed off. With Cersei’s trial by combat approaching, the Mountain will fight for her and The Hound will fight for the Faith.
– As expected, Margaery is only feigning her repentance and faith. She is manipulating the High Sparrow and King Tommen to secure the Iron Throne for House Tyrell.

Some theories
– We’ve put out finger on it. The letter that Sansa wrote is for Petyr Baelish, asking for his assistance.
– Theon Greyjoy will regain his past confidence and swagger when he meets Varys and Greyworm, two other eunuchs, in Meereen. Theon will see that a man is still capable of greatness even without all the “tools.”

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