Season six of Game of Thrones is rapidly approaching and we couldn’t be more excited! We were left in some serious suspense at the end of season five and we can only assume that season six is going to heighten our anxiety and confusion even more.

To celebrate the hit show’s return, we’ve come up with a fun drinking game for your viewing party. After playing this game you may know as little as John Snow. Tune into the season six premiere on Sunday, April 24 on HBO!

What you’ll need: 

  • Beer or wine of your choice
  • Liquor for shots

How to play:

  • When someone dies, take a drink
  • Whenever you see a white walker say “Ice, Ice, Baby” and drink half your drink
  • Take a shot every time there is nudity
  • Whenever a character on the show drinks, drink with them
  • When Arya comes onto the screen shout “You’re On My List!” and take one drink
  • If Cersei Lannister threatens anyone, roll your eyes and take a giant drink
  • When a fight scene happens, drink until it’s over
  • If there are any dragons, shout “Dragons!” and finish your drink
  • If John Snow lives, cheers everyone around you and take a drink
  • If John Snow dies, finish your drink

Cheers to the arrival of season six!

xx, The FabFitFun Team