People are often fixated on defining happiness, but most of us already know what it means — we know it when we feel it! So what does that actually entail?

We often associate happiness with a single experience or as a standalone event. For example, I remember feeling extremely happy when I got into my first-choice school — a memory that centers around opening a big package with my mom and celebrating after.

But what about the hundreds of hours spent studying for tests, writing essays, and preparing for interviews? Those weren’t the most joyous or happy parts of that memory, but they were undeniably a part of it: the most crucial part.

The actual path to finding happiness is oftentimes overshadowed. However, happiness should be recognized as a journey to be explored – not a destination to be reached.

To put it into context, my trainer once told me, “Fitness is not achieved but rather earned every single day. You are renting a fit and healthy body and have to pay up on a regular basis to keep it.”

That put a lot into perspective for me and taught me that happiness is something that’s worked on and achieved over time, not something that arrives at your doorstep because you’ve been a good person.

In conclusion, finding your own happiness is truly about enjoying the process, whatever that process may be. Be able to learn, adapt, and evolve. Buy the ticket and take the ride. However you want to think about it, try to understand happiness as something that’s earned and cultivated, not simply a state of being.

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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