OK, so what actually is Feng Shui? Simply put, it’s an ancient Chinese practice that stresses the placement and arrangement of space in order to achieve harmony within an environment. It uses a set of guidelines to align your furniture and household objects to create happy and comfortable energy.

But how does it actually work? Learn the basic principles of Feng Shui below.

The Bagua map
A Bagua map is an eight-sided energy map with “the self” in the center. It helps use your space to map your life by identifying key areas where you need to make changes, and there are two main Bagua maps: classical and western. The classical Bagua map defines areas of your home based on compass directions, starting with the compass reading of your front door. The western school is based on the location of the front door and does not use compass directions, making it slightly easier for beginners.

You begin mapping your space by aligning the bottom part of the Bagua map to the wall with the front door or main entrance. You can do this by taking a printout of the floor plan and superimposing a transparent Bagua on top. Now you can clearly see which areas of your life correspond to your physical dwelling and can rearrange your space accordingly. In addition, every section has its own colors, shapes, and objects, which have further meaning.

Basic Feng Shui elements
To create a truly balanced environment, you’ll want to incorporate all five Feng Shui elements in your home: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Each element is defined by a different color, and using the colors is one of the easiest ways to bring your space into balance. Using the Bagua map, you’ll place these elements, their corresponding colors, or both in the most appropriate areas of your house. For example, the Feng Shui element for south is fire and the associated colors are red, purple, pink, strong yellow, and orange.

Clear away clutter
Decluttering your living or working space can often be an emotional experience, which is why many people avoid it for as long as possible. The Feng Shui method of decluttering your home, however, will give you a systematic process by which you can start to clear your space and keep it tidy. Focus on area-specific cleansing, such as in the bedroom. A la the KonMari method, remove any items that aren’t necessary for your most restful place. Repeat this process throughout all rooms.

Areas to focus on
There are three very important areas to focus on when you’re trying to balance your space and get good energy flowing. The front entry and foyer are critical because this is where energy first enters the home. The kitchen is an area where you create wealth and health for all inhabitants and dwellers. Finally, your bedroom is where you grow as a person and refresh your physical and spiritual self. The purpose of your bedroom should always be rest and relaxation, never work. Assess the art and accessories in the room and see if they reflect this key purpose. Try to move your bed so you can easily see the door as this is the main command position.

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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