Last night’s episode of Scandal got pretty explosive…just because they won a battle doesn’t mean they’re winning the war. Will the gladiators be able to find Peus before tragedy hits? Here’s what you need to know:

Two major cities are bombed. Peus wants Mellie and Samantha to be released. He’s got nine drones in the air ready to drop bombs on U.S. cities until he gets his way. When Olivia refuses to give up Mellie, two bombs go off: one in Dallas and one in Philadelphia.

Rowan is keeping secrets. Fitz has The Fund for American Renewal offices raided to find any information that could help locate Peus. David Rosen finds some invoices that reveal Peus had been sending Rowan a package every few days. At first, it looks as if Rowan may be working for Peus again, but it really means they were blackmailing Rowan. 

Jake got Samantha to talk, and David Rosen screwed it up. Sure, Jake pulled the tracker out of her neck, but that doesn’t make Samantha reveal anything. That’s when Cyrus has a brilliant plan: they straight up lie about everything. So Jake goes to talk to Samantha and says they have Peus and he just wants to see Samantha realize her failure. That’s when she agrees to talk if they give her immunity. However, she asks David to deliver the deal — but because she knows when he’s lying, she figures it all out. No more deal.

Rowan switches sides. After a not-so-friendly talk with Fitz, Rowan goes to apologize to Fitz. The next thing we know, Rowan is holding a gun to the head of Samantha’s guard. The guard releases Samantha, and they escape through the tunnels. Back in Rowan’s dinosaur lab, Samantha and Rowan wait for Peus. When Peus arrives, he releases Rowan from their deal. Rowan is free to escape to Zanzibar.

Peus got Poped. When Peus leaves the dino lab to monitor his bomb drones, Jake pops out and shoots Peus. That solves that problem. As for Samantha, she personally delivers Rowan’s travel documents. Then Rowan stabs her with a big dinosaur tooth…and that solves that problem. Looks like Papa Pope had everything under control the whole time.

xx, The FabFitFun Team