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Saving money can feel like an overwhelming task, often triggering feelings of self-deprivation. But it doesn’t have to be.

“Little savings here and there can really add up,” says Ethan Taub, CEO of Goalry and Loanry. “You don’t have to cut large chunks of your grocery bill out to make some real savings.”

Ahead, experts share some simple, everyday things you can do to spend less and save more.

Set up auto-withdrawal from your checking to a savings account
Many banks will let you set up auto-withdrawal so that some money from your checkings account will automatically be deposited into your savings whenever you get paid. “This way, you’re making saving a priority, and you never even have to think about it,” says budgeting expert Caroline Vencil.

Look for coupons
Before you go out or make a purchase online, Vencil suggests searching coupons online for the place where your money is going. Many stores have coupons for first-time customers. You can also use the Chrome extension Honey to automatically check for coupons each time you make a purchase online.

Set a daily savings goal
Even if you just save a dollar or two a day, it’ll add up. Kumiko (Miko) Love, founder of The Budget Mom, suggests physically putting two dollars into a jar or envelope each day and finding some way to spend $2 less than you normally would, whether that’s by walking instead of driving somewhere or ordering wine instead of cocktails.

Revise your grocery list
Love suggests picking two items on your grocery list and finding cheaper alternatives to them each time you go shopping. You might even discover a new food you like this way.

Reduce your utility bill
“For many people, the two biggest categories to cut back on if they’re struggling to save are utilities and eating out,” says Lauren Bringle Jackson, an accredited financial counselor at Self Financial. “Simple ways to save money on utilities include unplugging minor appliances when you’re not using them, washing your clothes in cold water instead of hot, taking shorter showers, turning the water off when you brush your teeth and turning the thermostat back a few degrees.” Before you know it, you’ll be saving without even trying.

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