Ever wonder how girl bosses do it all? Well, it all starts with self-care — because even if you work hard, it’s actually about loving yourself harder.

We gathered the best self-care tips from successful beauty and wellness CEOs, so you can be inspired to take time for yourself in the midst of deadlines and responsibilities.

“I meditate every morning. It helps clear my mind and [it] is one of the most powerful tools for destressing. Slowing down has become the new luxury for me. I’ve been inspired to enjoy alone time and unstructured silence, especially in this age of information overload. I find myself wanting to cut out the distractions and sit with myself.” — Amanda Chantal Bacon, Founder and CEO of Moon Juice

“I light candles and my fireplace and listen to soothing music on Pandora while I sip my coffee. After meditating for a few minutes, I spend some time journaling or reading a few lines from an inspirational or spiritual book. This is a moment just to myself where I can reflect and set my intentions for the day. It can be 10 minutes on a hectic weekday morning or an hour on a lazy Saturday. When I feel ready, I let the rest of the world back in.” — Karena Dawn, Co-Owner of Tone It Up

“I love making a quick post-workout body oil by mixing one tablespoon of coconut oil with 10 drops of peppermint and five drops of grapefruit essential oil. It’s great to use on tired muscles after a workout and/or shoulders after being at my computer for too long. The peppermint and grapefruit aroma has a super fresh quality that helps me feel more alert (and the tingling feeling on the skin helps with that too).” — Sara Panton, Co-Founder and CEO of Vitruvi

“I love a bath. I put Epsom salt in it, and that’s all. I do [it] once a week and I like to do it on weekend afternoons when the sun is streaming through the window onto my soaking body. I follow the Japanese bathing school of thought which is not to get clean but to soak and release and all that. So I’m usually clean when I take a bath. You have to get in when it’s super hot, then as the bath cools down, it draws out the toxins from your body. You don’t have to wait until it’s actually cold, but you have to wait 45 minutes until it breaks. I believe in this whole thing.” — Emily Weiss, Founder and CEO of Glossier

“I would say, honestly, what I do every day for my health is making sure that I really connect and hug my children and lie with them at night — nothing fills me up more. They say that if you strengthen and amplify your family and love connections, it’s the best thing for your health, so I always try to make sure that I do that every day. It’s not hard — they’re pretty cute!” — Gwyneth Paltrow, Founder and CEO of Goop

xx, The FabFitFun Team