Need another reason to love your friends? Well, we have three. Turns out, having a strong social circle is beneficial all across the board — physically, mentally, professionally, and socially.

We chatted with Lori Harder, the author of A Tribe Called Bliss, to highlight three reasons why a strong social circle is beneficial for your health. Her newly-launched book is all about the importance of friends (aka tribes), making her our go-to source for all things #friendshipgoals.

Reach goals faster
“Having connected relationships helps you move past your fears and take more risks, therefore reaching your goals faster,” says Harder. When you have friends to catch you when you fall, you’re more likely to make the big strides towards your goals.

Genuine support system
There’s nothing like a genuine support system to help get you through the ups and downs. “While I was pitching A Tribe Called Bliss to publishers, I told my tribe I really needed help and direction on what to do since I had never taken this writing or publishing journey before. They all went to bat for me and pooled their contacts, resources, and sent texts and emails like mad women. They were writing letters of recommendation, sending texts about my work, and calling in favors. A few weeks later, I had the publisher and book deal of my dreams because we were all firing on all cylinders. Imagine what women could do in the world if we all did this,” shares Harder.

Physical and mental health benefits
We all know having a strong support system is good for mental health, but did you know it affects your physical health too? “Several studies are linking social ties to a reduction of risk for disease by lowering blood pressure, heart rate, and cholesterol. There’s no doubt that friends are helping us live longer,” states Harder.

xx, The FabFitFun Team