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Wow, hometown dates already? In last night’s episode of The Bachelor, Colton Underwood met the families of the four remaining women, and as you can probably imagine, there was a mix of dramatic, awkward, and even heartbreaking moments.

Underwood’s first destination was Caelyn Miller-Keyes’ hometown of Fredericksburg, Virginia where the couple took a romantic carriage ride through town before heading to her family’s humble abode. Her sister, mom, and stepdad were skeptical about Underwood at first, but after Miller-Keyes explained her feelings for Underwood during an emotional conversation (grab your tissues), her family eventually gave their blessing.


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Next up, Underwood took his charm to the South to visit Hannah Godwin’s hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. Being from a traditional southern family, Godwin took Underwood to an etiquette class before introducing him to her parents. Any doubt we had about Godwin’s feelings for Underwood was wiped clean when she broke down crying to her mom while expressing her desire to marry Underwood.

The real excitement began during Underwood’s hometown date with Tayshia Adams. The two went skydiving in her hometown of Santa Ana, California, but, for Underwood, that was nothing compared to the terrifying task of asking Adams’ protective father for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Her father basically refused at first, but Tayshia eventually convinced him to at least be open to the idea of Underwood joining the family.


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A quick drive down the Pacific Coast Highway and Underwood ended up in Huntington Beach, California for his final hometown date with Cassie Randolph where Randolph took Underwood to a surfing class. The lighthearted date soon turned tense when Randolph’s family grilled Underwood with difficult questions. Underwood wasn’t able to secure the approval of Randolph’s father, which left him uneasy.


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However, that didn’t stop Underwood from giving Randolph a rose. Shockingly, Miller-Keyes, who everyone considered a frontrunner on the show, went home.

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