We get it, budgeting is hard — especially when you want to indulge in that extra latte or get that blowout for your hot date.

But if you truly consider these purchases to be nonnegotiable expenses, you’re probably a prime contender for a savvy budgeting system called the 50/30/20 rule.

This system works because it takes into account all those “not necessary but still totally necessary” expenses. And instead of hiding from those shamefully hilarious budget cheat days, this one rule asks you to mentally prepare for them and face them head on. Here’s how to make the 50/30/20 rule work for your own life:

Divvy up your spending and savings priorities into three categories: needs, wants, and savings:

Needs. For any given month, half of your earnings will go toward this category — the expenses you absolutely can’t live without. Think: groceries, rent, gas, car payments, etc.

Wants. The next 30% goes towards this category, which include nonessential expenses. Avocado toast, a blowout, that new makeup palette…you name it! Compared to traditional budgeting methods, 30% is actually a pretty high number for these sorts of expenses, which means you won’t have to feel quite as guilty when you’re on your fourth trip to Sephora in any given month.

Savings. That leaves 20% for savings as well as anything you’re working on paying off, but don’t necessarily need to pay off within that specific month — like college loans.

Put all 3 together — 50/30/20, voila! — and you’ve got yourself a recipe for savings success.

xx, The FabFitFun Team