We all know that yoga can help give you an amazing bod (hello, just look at famous fans like Jessica Biel and Gisele Bündchen).

But there are other reasons to pop into downward dog more often. Beyond improved muscle tone, strength building, and increased balance, here are a few more reasons to get your “Om” on!

It Can Clear Your mind
Spilled your coffee? Late to work? Yoga can help you relax by slowing down your breathing and focusing on the present. By working on synchronizing your body movements with your breathing, you actually train your mind to let go of all outside stressors to perfect your practice.

It Improves Your Immunity
Getting sick is no fun. Luckily, yoga boosts levels of hemoglobin and red blood cells, and encourages the drainage of your lymphs. The lymphatic system is then better equipped to fight infection and remove toxins. You know what they say, an asana a day keeps the doctor away (OK, maybe they don’t say that, but they should)!

It Can Improve Your Sex Life
Talk about the big “Om.” Along with improved flexibility, many poses actually increase blood flow to the pelvis and involve engagement of the pelvic floor muscles, strengthening the very same ones required for an orgasm. Yoga also teaches your body awareness, which can help you to better feel the sensations that come along with getting intimate.

It Can Help You Sleep Better
Struggling to catch some Zzzs? Certain poses can help you chill out and knock out later in the day. Child’s pose, for example, is a very relaxing position. By massaging your forehead on your mat slowly rolling your head left to right, you’ll relieve tension in your brow line and help calm your mind.

It Makes You Happier
Yoga involves tapping into your mind-body connection and rewiring your nervous system to better respond to stressful situations. Your practice will help you maintain a positive attitude even when life gets a little too crazy.

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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