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At-home workouts have become the new normal in the fitness world. The same workout you would get at a gym, you can now do from the comfort of your own living room — and probably in half the time.

Here are some awesome 20-minute home workouts that are so good, you won’t even miss the gym.

20-Minute Yoga Sculpt Breathless Cardio

This high-intensity yoga flow combines smooth movements with short bursts of cardio, packing a whole lot of punch into just 20 minutes.

20-Minute Tones Arms & Abs Workout

Focus on your arms and abs in this targeted workout. Grab a pair of dumbbells and get ready to work in this quick yet effective series.

20-Minute Dance Cardio & Sculpting Workout

Dance your heart out in this dance-inspired cardio and sculpting class. Katia, the founder of the popular fitness studio DanceBody, leads this class incorporating high energy and tons of fun.

20-Minute Lower Body Barre Burn

It’s all about that lower body in this low-impact barre workout. Your legs and glutes will definitely feel the burn after just 20 minutes.

20-Minute Pilates 101 Workout

Pilates is a great workout because it strengthens and lengthens muscles without all the high-impact, which can be harsh on your joints. This 101 beginner series is perfect for newbies who are just getting started with Pilates.

20-Minute Butt and Abs Toning Workout

Celebrity trainer Megan Roup is a pro when it comes to getting you sculpted. This low impact yet intense workout will definitely have you feeling the burn.

Killer At-Home Cardio

The name says it all — high-intensity cardio that torches calories quickly. No equipment is required, all you need is your bodyweight.

Cardio Push Boxing

Looking for a way to make cardio more fun? Try this awesome boxing-inspired workout. It’s sure to get your heart rate up and get those arms and legs burning!

HIIT Training with Teddi Mellencamp

Get your HITT (high-intensity interval training) on with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Teddi Mellencamp! In just a quick 20 minutes you’ll get a full-body workout that will leave you sore for days.

xx, The FabFitFun Team