Vacation brain. It happens to the best of us. If you’re daydreaming at work (we won’t’ tell!) or searching for an awesome getaway spot, you’ve come to the right place. We’re currently crushing on Aruba for many different reasons, so we thought we’d spread the island love.

For starters, the island is super small and easy to navigate. The people are also amazing. And oh yeah, the prettiest white sand beaches and water we’ve ever seen. While this list could go on forever, we’ll leave you with 15 awesome reasons to pack your bags right now!

Manchebo ResortYoga is Everywhere
While Costa Rica was once considered the place for yogis to flock to, Aruba is quickly becoming the new hotspot. Why? For starters, beach yoga. Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa on Eagle Beach is responsible for bringing the yoga movement to the island. Just check out their insanely amazing yoga pavilion and you can see for yourself.

Chill BeerChill Beers are the Best
In addition to being an Instagram-able beer, Balashi Brewery‘s hip beer, aptly named “Chill,” is also a crisp and refreshing beachside beverage. Hello, genius marketing!

UTV TourUTV Through the Aruban Desert

That’s correct. Grab your girlfriends and book an off-road safari with De Palm Tours. The fun part is that you actually get to drive yourself around in a UTV, visiting must-see spots like Arikok National Park, Ayo Rock Formations, Alto Vista Chapel, and pretty much the most incredible coastal views you’ll ever lay eyes on. Bonus: you also get a stylish bandana so you can look even more badass in photos.

Dutch InfluenceBecause Aruban Keeshi Jena Exists
The island’s Dutch influence means cheesy goodness everywhere. One of our favorite cheese-centric dishes on the island is Aruban Keeshi Jena at The West Deck. It’s sinful, but #worththecalories. It’s basically a Dutch Gouda cheese shell filled with shredded chicken, prunes, island spices, and cashews, accompanied with a fresh tomato sauce.

BucutiEagle Beach is Everything
While every beach on the island is stunning, Eagle Beach is our most favorite. With white sand, turquoise water, and pretty palm trees, what’s not to like?  Plus the water is also super calm and it’s less crowded than other beaches in the area. If you’re staying at Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort (above) or Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa, you can score a sweet oceanfront cabana spot.

BoatRent this Schooner Yacht
Pelican Adventures just took this beauty, the Monforte III, on its maiden voyage a few weeks ago. Which means you and your closest friends can rent it and live like the rich and famous for a day. From snorkeling to stand up paddle boarding, and even rope swinging and a chef-prepared lunch, this is one way to really live it up when in Aruba.

One HAppY Island
Their Motto is “One Happy Island”
After spending one day on the island, you’ll see why this is Aruba’s motto. The weather is always warm, the locals are super nice, the island is safe and easy to navigate, the food is out of this world, there are a bounty of water activities, insane sunsets, culture…and need we go on? Because we totally can!

It’s Also One Healthy Island
In addition to having yoga classes and SUP at your fingertips, chefs around the island like to keep it on the healthier side by offering creative fresh fish, fruit, and veggie offerings. Aruba also has Nuts Nuts, the island’s very first natural foods shop. From healthy nut butters to smoothies, and even innovative juice blends, it’s super easy to stay healthy on the go. Our tip: try their Rose Berry Coconut Water. They refer to it as a “healthy” version of Gatorade.

It’s an Easy Flight From Any East Coast City
If you’re on the east coast, Aruba is close enough for a long weekend getaway. Major airlines like jetBlue, Delta, and American Airlines even have direct flights from New York City and Miami. We’re currently packing our bags as we speak.

Aruba Ariba
Image: @KassandraSuarez
Their Signature Drink is an Aruba Ariba
Sure, Rum Punch is still readily available. But Aruba has their very own specialty punch drink called an Aruba Ariba. It’s made with vodka, rum, Coecoei (the key ingredient, which is only available on the island), Creme de Banana, orange juice, cranberry juice, and pineapple juice. Warning: it tastes like candy, so beware of its potency!

SunsetEpic Sunsets 
Whether you’re beachfront or out by Ayo Rock Formations, expect an epic sunset. The vibrant colors are so unreal that they look like something out of a storybook. At l’America Gallery, take part in a Sip and Paint class where an Aruban sunset is the inspiration, and take home a gorgeous souvenir painting. Trust us, it’s way better than any other random tchotchkes.

Never bad time
There’s Never a Bad Time to Go
Unlike other Caribbean islands, Aruba is perfect all year round. There’s no need to plan around hurricane weather or rainy seasons. Even if it does rain, it only lasts for a few minutes and out comes the sun again. It legitimately is a Caribbean paradise. In fact, the islanders like to brag about having 52 weeks of sunshine. Just sayin’…

Barefoot DiningEverything is Outdoors
Aruba is super small, which means restaurants and bars take complete advantage of utilizing prime Caribbean oceanfront property and open air spaces to set up shop. Barefoot Restaurant (above) offers a gorgeous setting paired with amazing fare — and they even encourage dining in flip flops since tables are set on the sand. Best news ever! Menu ordering tip: the Prosciutto & Melon Salad and Caribbean Grouper (because mango cream cheese!) will forever linger in our minds.
Another place to add to your eating radar is Yemanja. Locals and visitors flock to this woodfire grill for many tasty reasons. Two being the Grouper Fillet which — wait for it — includes Boursin cheese, and the Coconut Mousse. We’d happily fly back just for the food. Priorities, right?

Aloe is Everywhere  
Aloe plants have been thriving on the island since 1840, making Aruba the world’s largest export of the sun soothing plant. So if you happen to need a little skin TLC after basking in the sun, you’re in a good spot. Another souvenir idea is stocking up on Aruba Aloe products. The brand grows their own aloe plants and have a wide range of sun care, body, and hair products that incorporate the wonder ingredient. If you’re on the island in June, you can also take part in Aloe Awareness Month and indulge in aloe-centric spa treatments and more.

Party BusThe Kukoo Kunuku Bus
The Kukoo Kunuku bus is one heck of a good time. Book a tour with your friends or family and experience the island’s best nightlife and watering holes without having to worry about arranging multiple taxis after one (okay a few!) Aruba Ariba’s. Whatever you do, don’t forget your party pants.

xx, The FabFitFun Team