Have you ever had a really crummy day where nothing seems to go right…then someone unexpectedly says one positive thing that transforms your entire mood?

Flowers and jewelry may be nice, but one of the most powerful ways to uplift someone is through a simple, genuine compliment. Practice this yourself! You have so many things you love about the people around you – so why not let ’em know?

Here are 10 compliments you should give on the daily – with honesty, generosity, and love.

1. You help me so much with ___. Because at the end of the day, we all just want to know that we matter. That what we do, say, or stand for has some sort of positive impact on those around us.

2. I love your music taste. Admit it – all of us secretly think our playlists are the best.

3. What shade of lipstick are you wearing? I need it! If imitation is, indeed, the highest form of flattery, this will definitely make someone’s day!

4. I’m proud of you. When your co-worker puts in overtime to pull off that event, or your sister gets in to grad school, give that validation! It’s so well-deserved.

5. Your smile is contagious! This doesn’t just say their smile is beautiful. It says their smile makes others (including yourself) want to smile, too!

6. Can you share your ___ recipe with me? They get to feel like Master Chef, and you get to make yourself a delicious dinner.

7. You are so creative. Sometimes, even the most creative people we know are still wildly insecure about their creativity and work. This compliment will help an already creative mind be more open, free, and fearless.

8. You smell so good. Knowing you smell good will automatically boost your confidence.

9. I can’t wait for you to meet my friends/family. Thinking someone is amazing is one thing, but wanting to bring their amazingness into your personal life is the ultimate statement of love and acceptance.

10. Thank you. It’s not exactly praise or adoration, but gratitude is a meaningful compliment. Whether your friend watched your dogs while you were on a trip, or a stranger held the elevator for you, all these big and small acts reverberate when you express thanks.

xx, The FabFitFun Team