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One of the most polarizing questions in hair care is whether or not you should get bangs. We all get nervous before going under the scissors, but it all comes down to choosing the style of fringe that best suits your features, face shape and the overall vibe you want to give off.

“No matter what style of bangs you choose, be sure to bring inspiration images — especially of people who have similar face shapes and features as you — and be prepared to discuss with your stylist,” recommends celebrity hair stylist, Andrew Fitzsimmons.

While all bangs come with caveats, like extra styling and trims, they’re one of our favorite haircut trends to try out in 2020. Peruse our guide to choosing bangs below including images to show your stylist.

Choppy Bangs

As a general rule of thumb, choppy ends keep the silhouette of your bangs softer. They can be cut either above or below the brow, and work with both short and long hairstyles. If you’re a fan of undone hairstyles, this might be the appropriate choice for you.

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Blunt Cut

We always think Taylor Swift when we picture bold, blunt-cut bangs. According to Fitzsimmons, “You will need to ask for thick-cut bangs cut straight across the brow bone.” The hallmark of this bold style is that the ends of your fringe are all just about the same length, and might require a bit of styling to perfect each day.

Curtain Bangs

For curtain bangs, think long and face-framing. “Curtain bangs are parted in the middle, but ask your stylist for bangs cut nose-length that are layered to frame your face,” Fitzsimmons advises. If you’re nervous about getting bangs, Melissa Davenio of Antonio Prieto Salon shares that this style (along with sideswept bangs) are among the easiest to grow out.

French-Girl Fringe

As we learned from our favorite French-girl muses (Jane Birkin, Jeanne Damas and model Louise Follain),  nothing says “laissez-faire hair” like grown out strands and shaggy texture. “Ask for thick, long bangs that hit the brow bone and are parted slightly in the middle to give you those French-girl vibes,” Fitzsimmons says.

Baby Bangs

Statement-making baby fringe fall above the eyebrow and give off retro vibes. “They typically follow the hairline from temple to temple to give a dramatic, open feel to the face,” says Tim Dueñas, master stylist at Nine Zero One Salon, while Davenio points out that this style makes your brows stand out. “Simply ask your stylist for a blunt bang cut one inch above the brows that will give you the micro-bang chic [look],” instructs Fitzsimmons.

Wispy Bangs

Fitzsimmons reveals that this specific style will take the most effort to explain to your stylist. “Say you want a fringe cut at the brow, but that are thicker at the roots, and thinner at the bottom,” he begins, noting that, “you’ll get a feathered down giving you the wispy effect.” If you are worried about the feeling of having hair in your face, consider this style.

Sideswept Bangs

“The most easily styled and top-requested style of bangs can be pushed to one or both sides,” says Dueñas. “They are typically paired with a side part.” Among the perks of wearing side bangs is how easily they pair with hair accessories, from hair scarves to embellished clips. “Ask for a layered cut by the cheek bones,” shares Fitzsimmons, adding, “these can vary in length, so ask your stylist whats best for your face shape.”

Curly Bangs

Curly bangs have popped up on our trend-radar in recent years — and they aren’t going anywhere. If you decided to let your natural hair texture reign, you do not have to miss out on all the fringed fun. “Curly bangs are a fun way to break up curly hair,” begins Dueñas. “They can usually be cut like blunt fringe, but be prepared to use hair products.” Channel your best Dirty Dancing curls and let them live their dreams.

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Asymmetrical Bangs

As the name suggests, these edgy fringe are shorter on one side than they are on the other. “They can be extreme or subtle depending on how you style them,” begins Dueñas, before explaining that they open up the face like no other. “Talk to your stylist about what lengths complement each side of your face,” suggests Fitzsimmons.

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