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Imagine waking up in the morning to warm gleams of sunlight streaming through your window and falling asleep at night to the soothing sounds of breaking waves right outside your door. Dreamy, right?

Whether you prefer a luxurious stay at an all-inclusive resort in Negril or want a more rural experience in a waterfront bungalow on the South Coast, Jamaica is your one-stop destination that will turn that daydream into a reality.

Here are 15 reasons why you need to add Jamaica to your travel bucket list now.

1. The culture
Jamaica’s culture is incredibly beautiful, diverse, and vibrant! The people are so kind, you’ll feel right at home (you know…if your home was a beautiful beachfront paradise, of course).

2. Private waterfront bungalows
Yes, your tropical island dreams can finally come true. Jake’s Hotel in Treasure Beach offers a variety of uniquely-designed villas, bungalows, and cottages that are only a few steps (or less) from the water.

3. Farm-to-table food
Now, let’s talk Jamaican food. Fish that’s caught in the morning is served on your plate that same afternoon. Yes, it tastes phenomenal.

4. Sweet treats
As for sweets? The traditional festival bread or dragon stout ice cream is a must-try. Plus, the farm-to-table fruit is so fresh and delicious!

5. Beautiful greenery
Get away from the loud sounds of the city and immerse yourself in the calmness of Jamaican nature. From mountainside terrain and gorgeous palm trees to wild goats happily roaming the countryside, you can find breathtaking views all over the island.

6. Sunrise yoga
Take your relaxation to the next, next level with a mentally-cleansing zen sesh. Jake’s Hotel even offers 8 a.m. yoga every day accompanied by a beautiful ocean view.

7. Bike tours
So little time, so much to see! Luckily, you’ll be able to find bike tours through the fruit farms or along the beach to get a quick snippet of the scenery.

8. Relaxing beaches
As you may know, Jamaica is surrounded by water — so you can always find a beautiful beachside oasis anywhere along the coast.

9. Pelican Bar
Picture this: a hut built from scrap wood in the middle of the ocean where you can sip on tasty libations and relax in the sun. Well, it’s an actual place called Pelican Bar — and you can take a boat to the bar!

10. Pamper yourself at the spa
Massages, body scrubs (made from all-natural ingredients), and even essential oil infused baths — there’s always a luxurious spa nearby for you to indulge in “me” time.

11. All-inclusive resort
Unlimited food, bottomless drinks, and 24-hour service – does it get any better? Royalton Resort in Negril offers all of this and then some.

12. Free workout classes
If you’re trying to fight off the inevitable vacation food baby, you’re in luck. Royalton Resort also offers free unlimited group fitness classes and a state-of-the-art gym to help you stay in shape while on vacation.

13. Kid-friendly environments
If you’re trying to find entertainment for your kids, send them to the Royalton’s kids’ club, teens’ club, or the children’s pool, complete with a two-story jungle gym structure.

14. Rock House
Your stay in Negril isn’t complete without a trip to Rock House: a secluded cliffside hotel and spa that wipes your stress away the second you step inside. The hotel has its own farm on the property (make sure to order the fresh juice!), an award-winning spa, and a delicious dining experience.

15. Ladder into the ocean
Oh, also at Rock House, there are ladders from each room leading you straight into the sea (that’s reason enough for us to go).

xx, The FabFitFun Team