Microwaves are an American household staple…just pop that frozen dinner in the microwave, and dinner is served in just five minutes. But as convenient as they are, they pose serious health risks.

Most of us already know, but aren’t fully familiar with how and why microwaves are harmful — and you should understand the convenience of a microwave does not outweigh the cons.

So start putting your stove to good use, and, despite what Carrie Bradshaw preaches, an oven can be used as more than just a place to store extra shoes.

According to the American Cancer Society, microwaves are able to leak radiation despite the preventative pieces that are built in. While the FDA does require all microwave manufacturers to meet certain safety standards to minimize the electromagnetic waves released, often times the protective piece of mesh metal on the door can fail to deflect the radiation away from you if it’s old

Leaking Carcinogens
Most plastic containers are not made to be microwaved, and leak carcinogens and other chemicals into your food when it’s heated. Carcinogens and exposure to this substance is incontrovertibly connected to causing cancer.

If you’re one to stand and eye your food as it heats up in the microwave, it’s time to get some distance. Standing in front of the microwave can cause damage to your eyes resulting in cataracts, which leads to blindness.

Still concerned on how you can’t live without a microwave? Start heating up your food in a pot or pan. Invest in a popcorn popper if you love your go-to movie snack. If you absolutely can’t part with your microwave, at least leave the room while it’s in use.

xx, The FabFitFun Team