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Everyone can use some alone time every now and then. We know this is par for the course for introverts, but extroverts might cringe at the thought of it.

But before you completely shut down the idea, you should know that time spent alone is actually beneficial to your overall well-being. Why? Ahead are five benefits you reap when you schedule a bit of “me” time.

Just like your phone battery, your human battery needs recharging too. Whether it’s napping, reading a book, or watching your favorite show, take some time solely for yourself. Not only will it give you more energy for your next social interaction, but you’ll also be less stressed when conflicts occur.

Boost concentration
If you’re constantly interrupted by family, kids, or friends, whether in person or via text, your productivity level decreases and you’re less likely to get all of your work done in a timely manner. If that sounds like you, find some time in the day to close your door and turn off your phone — even if you can only afford an hour, that extra time will be completely free of distractions.

Think deeper
When you’re surrounded by other people, it’s easy to let their opinions affect your own ideas and beliefs, both positively and negatively. But when you’re alone, it allows you to reflect and think deeply without the distraction of other people’s opinions and thoughts. If you have an important decision to make, spend some time alone for a clearer, unbiased conclusion.

Spark creativity
In a creative rut? It might be time to spend some quality time with just yourself. Just as authors and artists like to seclude themselves to work, the same can help you get out of a slump. Who knows? You might come up with an idea for a new business.

Increase empathy
If your group of friends is extremely tight, it could create an “us against the world” mentality. Take some time away from your friends (even if it’s just for one Friday night in), as it will help you have more compassion for people who aren’t in your inner circle.

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