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Mattresses are one of those home items that you never really think to buy because they’ve always just been there. Either your parents bought one for you when you were little, your college dorm room provided them or you received a second hand mattress from a friend or family member.

However, mattresses should be changed more frequently than you think. Think about it, you sleep on your mattress every day. You’re also putting dirty bags and clothes on top of it and your mattress can wear down over time, creating an uneven sleeping surface.

So when should you switch out your mattress? When you’re not getting quality sleep, your body aches or your mattress starts to lose its shape. Additionally, most mattresses, from innerspring to foam to pillowtop, usually need to be replaced after at least 10 years. While mattresses are a big purchase, if you know that every 10 years you need a one, you can save up and purchase the best mattress when you’re ready. Ahead, we’re sharing our top picks.

Leesa Hybrid, starting at $1499

The Leesa Hybrid is great for a large variety of people: those who get too hot or cold at night, stomach and back sleepers, and couples (because of the firmness and support of the mattress) says Business Insider. It’s memory foam and has very light coils, which makes it even more comfortable. Leesa has a 100-night risk free trial and a 10-year warranty, which is perfect if you’re unsure if you like the mattress or something happens within the 10 years you own it.

Casper Mattress, starting at $986

If you’re looking for an all-foam mattress and don’t want to deal with the discomfort certain coils can bring, Casper should be your next purchase. It’s an extremely breathable mattress, making it ideal for those who overheat at night. Plus, it’s firm enough for back and stomach sleepers. Casper recently updated the classic mattress to have a zoned-support layer, which adds pressure to certain body parts for a more comfortable snooze.

Tuft & Needle Original Mattress, starting at $595

According to Sleep Junkie, the Tuft and Needle mattress is the best for just about everyone, and it’s at a great starting price point of $595. The mattress is entirely made of foam and has two layers: the first layer is three inches of poly-foam to cushion your body and the next is seven inches of a firmer poly-foam that is designed to give the bed shape and support. 

Avocado Mattress, starting at $959

Avocado is listed amongst the best all-natural, organic mattresses. It’s a hybrid mattress, which means that it has both an innerspring and foam. This is ideal for stomach and back sleepers because it’s a little firmer than other mattresses. It’s priced below the average of other all-natural mattresses, so if all-natural, organic is important to you, Avocado might be your best bet.

Brooklyn Bedding, starting at $949

U.S. News rated the Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress as the best overall for side sleepers in 2019. Side sleepers seem to have the hardest time finding a mattress because certain mattresses tend to run a bit firm. Not the Brooklyn Bedding one though! It differs from others because it’s available in soft, medium and firm versions, and has both foam layers and individually encased coils. The top layer is foam and infused with gel to keep you cool, then the second layer is a firmer foam to offer compression support. Then, the last foam layer is to support you and add stability. 

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