You’ve probably heard the buzz around palo santo by now. While palo santo is commonly used as a cleansing tool to rid space of negative energy – much like sage – spiritual life coach Ivy Rose Latchford notes that there are some key differences between palo santo and sage that are worth pointing out.

What is it?
“Palo santo has a much sweeter smell [than sage] that appeals to people who don’t like the strong smell of sage,” Latchford suggests. The oily wood, which often comes from South America, is used for cleansing or purifying purposes. Spiritual and beauty astrologer Lumi Pelinku adds, “[Palo santo] is very uplifting and welcomes unconditional love and hope.” Overall, it invites positive energy while ridding the space of any negative energy.

When should you use it?
While Latchford suggests that both sage and palo santo have their respective places during spiritual practices, she explains that she personally likes using sage to deep clean her space of unwanted spirits and bad energy and she loves using palo santo for lighter cleansing and blessing (especially during ceremony) purposes.

How do you use it?
First, light your palo santo with a match or lighter and allow the wood to burn for about 30 seconds to a minute before blowing it out. You can then move around your space with the palo santo in hand to clear the energy. Once you’re finished, place the stick in a fireproof bowl.

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