While joint pain has typically been associated with people over the age of 50, it’s become more common amongst younger age groups as of late due to the constant use of phones and computers.

Feeling discomfort in your wrists, shoulders, knees, ankles, or hips? Here are six ways to relieve some of the pain.

Pain-relieving creams
This is the most classic way to relieve and deal with joint pain. Just apply a bit of the pain-relieving cream like Bengay or Icy Hot to the tender spot, and within a few minutes, you’ll feel a tingly sensation, which means it’s working!

Pain patches
Similar to pain-relieving creams, pain patches provide instant relief. They typically come in a box, and you simply stick it onto your body like a Band-Aid. If you’ve never tried a pain patch, the burning sensation might feel uncomfortable at first.

Stretching exercises
If you’re not going to physical therapy for the joint pain and want to be able to manage it on your own, a few stretching exercises can help. For hand and wrist pain, you can do things like making a fist with your hand, stretching your fingers, using a grip ball, and more. For knee pain, try riding a stationary bike, doing leg raises, or wall squats.

CBD balm
CBD is a newer way to deal with joint pain. Similar to the way you would apply pain-relieving creams, you gently rub the CBD balm on the pain spot. We recommend the Charlotte’s Web Hemp-Infused Balm or the Endoca CBD Salve.

Hot and cold therapy
Alternating between hot and cold packs can be good for all kinds of joint pain as it also helps with swelling and inflammation. You can use frozen vegetables, ice packs, heating pads, or take long, hot showers.

Fatty acids
Sometimes, it’s best to treat the pain from the inside out. Incorporating omega-3 into your diet can help reduce stiffness and joint pain.

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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