Jp Valery

Wine is always a good idea…end of discussion. From red to white (and, of course, who could forget about rosé?), you’re sure to have found your favorite blend.

Well, we’re here to shake up your wine-drinkin’ world with orange wine — the fall-ready drink that even looks the part. Here’s everything you need to know about this colorful vino.

What is it exactly?
Don’t worry, it isn’t made with oranges. This wine comes from white grapes fermented with their skin still attached (aka a white wine made like a red wine) — think of it as the exact opposite of rosé, which is a red wine made like a white wine.

Where are they from?
This wine is made all over the globe from California to Croatia.

What does it taste like?
Don’t let the light color fool you. This wine shares more taste characteristics with red wine than with white due to the tannins that accumulate. Aromatics of an orange wine may include notes of honey, peaches, and herbs.

What should I eat with it?
When it comes to pairings, you can eat it with anything that you would pair red wine with. We like to enjoy our orange wine with poultry, lamb, and hard cheeses.

Should I chill it?
Yes. The ideal temp is cooler than room temperature, just like it would feel in a wine cellar.

xx, The FabFitFun Team