We’re in awe of this transgender student’s bravery.

Ari Bowman, a 7th grader from the East Penn School District, addressed transphobia with a personal and powerful speech after a cisgender student complained about President Obama’s new guidelines, stating she would not change in a locker room with transgender students due to religious reasons.

Bowman realized he was transgender in the 5th grade — before he even knew gender was a word — and said in response,

“I change in the boy’s locker room and I have seen zero genitalia, which is kind of why I do not understand that people make the assumption that a transgender student would accidentally reveal herself in the locker room…The hate that the transgender community has been receiving lately has been terrible. People say things without an open mind and as if we’re not human beings like they are,” Bowman said.

You can watch the full speech here.

xx, The FabFitFun Team