Sometimes giving your home a fresh feel is as simple as adding a single accent piece, like the statement-making Pottery Barn Mason Ceramic Diffuser in Solstice.

Ahead, the design experts at Pottery Barn share their tips and tricks for styling the striking accent.

Please place the diffuser on a tray and not directly onto the furniture. 

Place the piece in any space
“Layer the statement piece into a bookshelf vignette or display it solo on a countertop as a functional piece of art that looks (and smells!) great.”

Play with scale
“Style the diffuser with decorative objects of various shapes and sizes, from distinctive coral to stacked design books, to add visual depth to an arrangement.”

Pair it with a variety of colors
“The warm bronze tone of the artisan-inspired base pairs well with all color tones, from soft neutrals to bolder hues, like cobalt and burgundy.”

Mix and match materials
“Select a dominant decorative metal to anchor the eye, like the bronze tone of the diffuser, then add complementary materials, like ceramic or wooden textures, for a visually appealing vignette.”

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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