Our vaginas are tricky things to take care of — they’re sensitive and don’t need as much cleaning as you’d think. Wearing the wrong underwear, using scented product, or even washing it too often can set it off in very uncomfortable ways. So follow these tips to keep your area healthy and happy.

Washing Do’s

  • Stick with good ol’ H₂O. Really, you can just spray and splash your petunia clean with warm water — no soap needed.
  • Opt for a mild soap if you must use one. Baby soaps or a product formulated for sensitive skin is key to avoiding irritation.
  • Only soap up your vulva when it needs it — think after sex or working out. Otherwise, you risk stripping away the natural oils your body produces and needs to function properly.
  • Wash only your vulva (the exterior of your vagina) when it comes time for cleaning.

Washing Don’ts 

  • Say ‘no’ to scented soaps. Using something scented or abrasive (think a loofa) can irritate this sensitive area.
  • Stay away from steam. While some people, even some celebs, say steam cleaning their vajayjay is effective, experts say otherwise — you can actually end up burning your nether region.
  • There’s no need to clean the inside. Don’t insert soap or anything else in there because it doesn’t need it!
  • Douching is not okay! Dr. Jennifer Gunter has said “douching is like cigarettes for your vagina.” Um, what? It can seriously screw up your pH balance.

xx, The FabFitFun Team