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We all know that tattoos are permanent, which is why it’s important to be absolutely confident in your decision before getting one. Not sure where to start? We chatted with plus-size tattoo model Jai Michelle about the four questions everyone should ask themselves before committing to lifelong ink.

How visible do you want it to be?
Maybe you want a giant flower on your shoulder for the world to admire or maybe you want a tiny heart hidden behind your ear. Whatever you decide, Michelle says that if your tattoo is in a visible spot, make sure it’s a place you’re comfortable with people looking at.

How might it change over time?
Over time, the ink color might fade, your skin might drop, and changes in weight might affect the appearance of your tattoo. Michelle suggests picking a spot like your arm, calf, or back, as these areas are less likely to change over time. Weight gain or weight loss will be more likely to affect tattoos on the inside of the arms, thighs, stomach, and breasts.

What does it mean to you?
Whether it’s a matching symbol with your best friend or calligraphy of your favorite quote, getting a tattoo that’s meaningful to you is the best way to guarantee you won’t regret it later. Think hard about what statement you want it to make.

How’s the artist’s track record?
Finding a tattoo artist that’s the perfect match for you is a significant part of the process. Is the artist well-known for creating thin lines? Shading? Watercolor? You’ll want to trust the person who’s engraving your skin with permanent ink, so do your research and determine whether or not you admire their previous work.

xx, The FabFitFun Team