Breakups suck. No matter how you slice it, it’s hard for anyone to end a relationship.

Many have stayed in relationships longer than they should’ve for one reason or another, but it’s necessary to cut ties if you both aren’t benefiting from it. If you’re avoiding a breakup, and making excuses (like the ones below) as to why you’re not pulling the plug, here’s how to end it:

I Don’t Want To Hurt Them
Obviously, you don’t want to hurt your partner. But at the end of the day, you need to decide if your happiness comes first or second. Plus, you’re hurting the other person even more by staying in a relationship with them when you know it won’t last. Do both of yourselves a favor and make the first move.

They’re My Best Friend
Think about it. Are you going to miss this person as your S.O. or as a friend — because there’s a big difference here. If this person isn’t bringing romance or passion to your life, then aren’t they just your friend anyway? A relationship has many elements, but if it’s lacking romance, it’s not really a coupled relationship.

I’m Afraid Of Being Alone
OK, but you’re not. You have an abundance of friends, family, and co-workers to turn to. If you still feel like you’re lacking in relationships, now is the time to meet new friends. Join a book club, take up a yoga class, and head to those work mixers you’re always avoiding. Just because you’re going to be single does not mean you’re going to be alone.

I’ll Lose Our Mutual Friends
If they’re your real friends, they’ll stick around. Yes, you might lose some or see some friends less than before. But if they choose to not be your friend after your breakup, they aren’t friends you’d want in your life anyway.

We Have A Pet Together
Yes, this might complicate things but you both can come to an agreement on who gets the pet. Think about who can actually pay for vet costs and who can give more time to the pup. Don’t forget to think about your dog’s overall wellbeing, too. You can also share “custody” of your pet, but don’t be wishy washy about your commitment.

We Live Together
Breaking a lease or leaving your dream space is hard. Why should you have to change your life because someone made you unhappy? Well, sometimes change is exactly what we need to realize we needed that change for a long time. It’ll be difficult at first, but moving on will feel amazing…eventually – just give it time.

xx, The FabFitFun Team