While there’s nothing like a good sweat sesh to detox from all the happy hours, wine chats, and holiday feasts, excessive sweating can often become a one-way street to dehydration.

Lucky for you, we found three easy, foolproof ways to help you stay hydrated (no, it’s not drinking water).

Find an isotonic drink
There’s a reason athletes swear by isotonic drinks – it quickly replenishes fluids and nutrients. But before you stock up on the first isotonic drink you see, look for plant-powered alternatives like the new V8 +HYDRATE. This beverage has a clean, crisp taste and provides a full serving of veggies!

Replenish electrolytes
When you sweat, you not only lose fluids, but you also lose electrolytes. Try nibbling on some hydrating fruits and veggies that naturally contain electrolytes like watermelon, bananas, celery, or carrots. If you prefer to sip, drink V8 +HYDRATE because it contains natural electrolytes from sweet potato juice!

Choose something tasty and healthy
One of the best ways to get yourself to drink fluids is to find a beverage that tastes good. Leading sports drinks may be tasty but often contain added sugars and artificial colorings. Instead, try V8 +HYDRATE to sip on something delicious you can feel good about.

xx, The FabFitFun Team