Whether you consider yourself a five-star chef or you burn even the simplest foods like bread, there’s no denying that putting the effort into making a home-cooked meal goes a long way.

But this thoughtful gesture is often overlooked, which is why SoulPancake (founded by Rainn Wilson) is giving some A-list chefs the chance to show gratitude for an important person in their lives by cook a special meal for them. Pretty sweet, right?

Our favorite episode featured singer/songwriter Kelis — and you might be surprised to learn that the famed recording artist (known for her song “Milkshake”) graduated Le Cordon Bleu, hosts her own series for the Cooking Channel called Saucy and Sweet, and has her own line of sauces.

In the episode, Kelis cooked a “thank you” meal for two of her closest friends, Hank and Charlie. Check out the episode to see the delicious food she whipped up!

xx, The FabFitFun Team