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In the past few years, skinny teas have taken the $70 billion diet industry by storm. Using trending concepts like #teatox, #detox, and #cleanse, beautifully-packaged teas have crept from the Instagram feeds of celebrities and influencers into the Amazon carts of women everywhere.

So what exactly makes skinny teas different from traditional tea blends? Does it really work? Should you try it? We break everything down below.

What is it?
Though skinny teas come in a variety of forms, colors, and flavors, it’s typically a mixture of plant-based, caffeinated ingredients that claim to offer cleansing or weight loss benefits. The teas are often marketed as holistic and natural, bringing a detoxing boost to your daily routine.

How do you it?
A teatox blend is steeped in hot water like any other tea. Depending on the brand, there may be specific steeping instructions to prevent oversaturating your water with potent herbs.

How do skinny teas work?
Skinny teas typically contain a blend of different ingredients that carry a small bit of evidence regarding its potential to decrease weight, increase metabolism, suppress appetite, or cleanse your gut.

What ingredients are we talkin’?
The variety of ingredients found in proprietary tea blends is ever growing. Some common ingredients you’ll find are:

  • Yerba mate: This ingredient gained some serious attention in 2015 when a study suggested that supplementation of the South American plant may lead to decreased body fat and blood lipid levels.
  • Senna: According to Mayo Clinic, the herbal, over-the-counter laxative is said to make you go to the bathroom within six to 12 hours. Also, keep in mind that tea brands tend to stray from the “L” word, and use terms like “cleanse” or “detox” instead.
  • Saffron: Some research suggests that the brightly-colored, flower-derived spice may suppress appetite and decrease the tendency to snack.

Should you try it?
While we love tea as much as the next girl, it’s important to treat skinny teas differently from traditional teas. Since some herbs in skinny teas have the potential to interact with medications, cause intestinal issues, or cause long-term health damage, it is advised to use skinny teas under the instruction and guidance of a doctor.

Are there better options?
Yes! To help increase bowel movements, most of us just need more fiber and a hearty flush of water. In the long run, a balanced diet will do far more for sustainable weight loss than store-bought trends. So try to find foods, movements, and habits that work for your body, not against it!

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As always, consult your doctor or nutritionist if you’re considering any supplements or switching up your diet.

xx, The FabFitFun Team