This is it…the big one aka the episode we’ve all been waiting for. Scandal’s Season 6 has felt like one long game of Clue so far, but now we finally get to find out who killed Frankie Vargas. But that’s not all we learn! Read on for more spoilers.

Papa Pope is in love. Long lost love Sandra is back in town with a major dinosaur laboratory. That may not be the thing to attract other men, but Rowan cannot resist the offer to work with her again. However, when Rowan finds a camera in the wall, he realizes that someone is using Sandra to spy on him.

There is another B-613 in town. The cameras in the walls belong to some super scary people that will do anything to get Mellie in the Oval Office. They’ve come to Rowan because he’s the best, and he is going to win Mellie the election or they’ll kill Sandra.

Papa Pope’s plan doesn’t work. Rowan and his minion — or, uh, colleague — decide that tampering with voting machines is the way to go. Sound like familiar territory? Well, Olivia and Huck figure out the voting machines have been tampered with and make it so that no one can fix an election again. Time for plan B: kill Frankie Vargas.

Vargas looked his killer in the eye. Rowan and Adam get everything set up to kill Vargas and frame Cyrus for the assassination. Rowan is all set to go in his position underneath the stage. However, when Vargas is making his big speech, Rowan gets cold feet and backs away…and then gets himself together and shoots. As Vargas falls he sees Rowan in his hiding place.

Sandra is not Rowan’s weakness. Though Rowan has successfully completed his mission, he doesn’t get to walk off into the sunset with Sandra just yet. His new enemies would like to keep their control over Rowan because they know his weakness: Sandra. Rowan says he won’t be kept in a cage. They shoot Sandra right in front of him. Then, they pull up video footage of Olivia, and Rowan is forced to fall into line. This is definitely not good.

xx, The FabFitFun Team