We all have our tried and true beauty products that we use religiously. But it’s good to revamp your beauty routine and switch products every once in a while to give yourself and your skin an extra boost.

We went ahead and created a beauty routine that will leave you feeling refreshed and looking rejuvenated in less than 10 minutes.

So get ready to say goodbye to old beauty products and hello to new, glowing skin!


Step 1: Spritz on a face peel.
We like to use the O.R.G. Skincare Mineral Peel Face (featured in the Editor’s Box) — and gently work your fingers in a circular motion to remove any dead skin cells. It will ensure your skin is smooth and can absorb nutrients thoroughly, while also giving it a boost of radiance!

Step 2: Follow with a quality moisturizing concentrate…
like a serum or the Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster (one of the mystery items in the Editor’s Box). It will intensely moisturize your skin and and deposit the nutrients it needs to address any skin concerns like dryness or fine lines.

Step 3: Moisturize the rest of your body!
While lotion is good, body butter is better. We especially love the Anderson Lilley Winter in Manhattan Body Butter (one of the mystery items in the Editor’s Box) because it uses natural botanical ingredients to hydrate and nourish skin. Plus, it’s formulated without parabens, artificial colors, and it’s cruelty-free.


Step 4: Prep your face.
Now that you’ve hydrated your face and body, prime your skin using the OSEA Atmosphere Protection Cream (one of the mystery items in the Editor’s Box). It not only creates a great base for your makeup using organic algae and avocado oil, it also keeps your face protected from any environmental stressors like air pollution and dry weather.


Step 5: Apply neutral shades to your lids.
Neutral shades deliver a great everyday makeup look — and the Pure Cosmetics Nude Collection Eyeshadow Palette (one of the mystery items in the Editor’s Box) has plenty of them! Use any of the nude shades to sweep them across your lid for a natural look.

Step 6: Use a multi-functional lip product.
After, use a lip color that has moisturizing elements so you can easily hydrate and add a pop of color in one swipe. We recommend the Manna Kadar “Lucky” Lip Locked Stain (featured in the Editor’s Box) as it’s a lip gloss, primer, and stain all in one.

Step 7: Hydrate your dry ends.
Last but not least, gather your second (or third) day hair into a fierce top knot. Smooth out those fly aways and nourish dry ends with the Marrakesh Argan Oil (featured in the Editor’s Box) before throwing it into a bun.

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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