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Working from home may have always seemed like the dream but if you’ve been forced into the situation, you might realize that you’re not well-equipped for a super comfy WFH situation. Now, this doesn’t mean that you actually need a designated office in your home. What it does mean, however, is that you need to stock up on essentials to make working from your bedroom, living room, or kitchen just a tad more soothing.

As always, we’re here to help you out. Ahead you’ll find 10 products — ranging from home goods to loungewear — to ensure the next few weeks (or months) are as comfortable as they can possibly be given the situation.

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For a number of reasons, women are more likely to lie awake at night than men. ???? This might happen simply due to biological reasons or personal circumstances like busy work schedules or taking care of their young ones (or both). Sleep is key for all of us humans but it’s particularly important for women as they have additional biological needs for rest and relaxation. ???? Better rest can be achieved with some simple tips like creating a good bedtime ritual, avoiding electronics????at night, getting exercise daily????‍♀️, and getting that well deserved deep touch pressure from the Napper. We wish for all the women out there a year filled with good nights’ rest with a few additional naps in between. ???? Happy International Women’s Day ✨ #womensday2020 #weightedblanket #napper

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Bearaby Napper $249

Anything that will help ease the stress and anxiety of these uncertain times is worth adding to your WFH routine. Here, we have a woven weighted blanket that’s as soothing to sit under as it is chic to look at.

Laptop Table $97.49

If you’re not one to normally WFH, you may have never felt the need for a laptop table for your couch or bed. Now that the times have changed, you might find one to be incredibly convenient. And, if it’s up to us, we love this natural stone and gold metal option from World Market. Plus, it can double as a side table.

Boy Smells Cowboy Kush Candle $32

If you miss natural scents due to spending so much time indoors, it’s time to fill your home with Boy Smells’ newest scent: Cowboy Kush. The earthy aroma features hints of suede, saffron flower, labdanum, pot leaf, tonka, raspberry, and patchouli. In other words, it’s delish.

Brentwood Home Yoga Bundle $149

One of the best ways to be productive and keep stress levels down during this pandemic (and always, for that matter) is to take breaks throughout your day to stretch and meditate to level your breath and get your blood flowing. This best-selling set from Brentwood Home will make your work breaks as comfortable as possible.

BackEmbrace Posture Solution $59.99

Without your regular cushy, ergonomic office chair, you may find that your posture is suffering while working from home. To help remedy the situation, strap yourself into this comfortable back brace that pulls your shoulders back and helps you sit up tall.

Moon Pod $299 + Crescent $129

Just because you’re still working during quarantine doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be comfortable. This high-tech bean bag is filled with responsive high-density beads, which mimic the feeling of floatation therapy. As a result, spending your days sitting in this cozy chair will not only keep you comfy but will help reduce stress and anxiety during these unprecedented times (and beyond).

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Is meditation a part of your morning ritual?

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Sunday Citizen Woodland Throw $139

Self-touted as the world’s softest blanket, this throw will make any WFH sitch a touch cozier. If your feet get cold, they even have a footie throw that has a convenient little pocket just for your tootsies.

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Inhale positivity, exhale self doubt????

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Sparia Ultrasonic Diffuser $79.95

This ceramic diffuser adds a natural style and scent element to any room to help create a soothing atmosphere conducive for work. It comes with two mist settings so you can choose between constant spritzes or intermittent diffusions.

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