Summer is calling our names and so are these adorable pool floats. We can’t wait for endless pool parties and delightfully cute ‘grams with these splash-worthy accessories.

$_57 Shopbop Inflatable Unicorn Floaty $99
Give your pool a touch of magic with this super cute unicorn float. We’re loving the rainbow mane and gold horn — obvi, we’re already thinking what to caption our Instagram!

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 7.01.38 AM BigMouth Inflatable Beverage Boats $9.99
Your drink needs a float, too! We’re obsessed with the mini watermelon, pineapple, and lime floats — your cocktails will look so trendy.

pTRU1-23599297enh-z6 ToysRUs Giant Green Gummy Bear Pool Float $24.99
Who wouldn’t want to lounge around inside a giant gummy bear? Your guests will go crazy for this green float and it will bring back childhood memories at your pool party.

90641_DoubleBagel_Girl_1024x1024 Swimline Everything Bagel Float $52.90
This everything bagel is literally everything. The float comes apart into two bagel pieces so you and your friends can equally share. And did we mention the cream cheese side of the float?!

065A0230 Jade Roper “Float Your Boat” Donut Pool Float $19
Chocolate or strawberry? Take a bite out of summer with an inner tube by Jade Roper of The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise — a girl who knows how to have fun in the sun! This float is available as one of our Add-Ons for FabFitFun members only. Join today!

beer copy GoPong Pool Lounge $41.99
It’s a float and a game all-in-one. Give your guests a chance to show that they still got it and didn’t peak in college. It even has slots to hold your own drink while you play — so convenient.

065A0360 Jade Roper “Float Your Boat” Pizza Pool Float $39
You know you want a pizza this floatie created by our fave girl from The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, Jade Roper! Even if you aren’t serving the classic dish, let your friends indulge in a different way. This float is available as one of our Add-Ons for FabFitFun members only. Join today!

35743467_095_b Urban Outfitters Inflatable Swim-Up Tiki Bar $200
Don’t let your bar or yourself be landlocked — get this float and serve beverages to your guests from the center of the party!

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 10.41.34 PM FUNBOY Inflatable Flamingo Pool Float $99
Birds of a feather, float together! Grab this flamingo for your summer party and you’ll be floating all weekend long.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 6.54.53 AM BigMouth Tootsie Roll Pool Float $17
Ditch the noodle, grab the Tootsie Roll. Use this float to swim over to the Tiki Bar in style. Talk about a #TBT.

JPI3177033-Z Intex Canopy Island $77.99
Want to feel like the princess you know you are? Lounge around in this island with built-in shade to protect your pretty skin.

35743434_030_b Urban Outfitters T. Rex Pool Float $50
Who can resist those arms? Your friends will get a kick out of this float and it might inspire everyone to watch last summer’s blockbuster hit Jurassic World.

xx, The FabFitFun Team