Email definitely isn’t new, but it is still widely used by everyone. You need one to check out of an online store, to sign up for a membership, for work, etc. Sometimes your inbox gets clogged with junk (we get it, you’re having a sale) and important things get buried before you have a chance to pencil it onto your calendar.

Ever wish you could have a reminder? Enter Nudgemail. The company has been around for a while, but Nudgemail has quietly gained steam with it’s gentle nudging (literally), rather than aggression like other services.

This system works two ways: you can send yourself a reminder or you can have any email you receive sent again at a specific time.

So that email telling you to quit your free trial for a service before you’re charged? Use Nudgemail to tell you to cancel the day before. Need a quick reminder to stop at the grocery store after work? Send yourself an email that will arrive minutes before you leave the office.

Besides the service being ~free~, the format is pretty foolproof. Need a reminder on May 1? Once you’re signed up, you would use “” You can set specific times, if you want a reminder weekly or monthly, etc. It also works with any type of email on any device.

Run, don’t walk to this website and you’ll never miss an important deadline again. You’re welcome.

xx, The FabFitFun Team