If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the past year, it’s that you should build a self-care routine with products that empower you to be your best self.

That’s exactly the type of products Nancy Twine sought out to create when she founded her hair care brand, Briogeo. She discovered a need for products with thoughtfully curated ingredients that also work with all hair types and textures.

Ahead, we chatted with Twine about clean beauty becoming the norm, her updated self-care routine, and everything about hair care.

Her natural hair care routine

“Whenever I wear my hair natural and curly, I always reach for our Curl Charisma™collection to hydrate thirsty curls and enhance my texture pattern. On wash days, I cleanse and condition with our Curl Hydrating Shampoo and Curl Defining Conditioner. While my hair is still wet, I use my fingers to rake the Curl Charisma™ rice amino + avocado leave-in defining crème throughout my hair, then scrunch it with our Frizz Control Gel. Once my hair has air-dried a bit, I finish off by patting in a few drops of our Don’t Despair, Repair!™ Strengthening Treatment Oil.”

The best hair care advice she’s ever received

“Just as using clean products on your hair is extremely important for optimal health, so is nourishing your hair from the inside out. The foundation for healthy hair starts from within… Also, don’t forget that a well-balanced diet full of vitamin-packed fruits and veggies, plus drinking tons of water, is paramount for long-term healthy hair!”

On the definition of clean beauty

“I’m thrilled to see that across the board, clean beauty is becoming more of an expectation than just a category. When I set out to create Briogeo, I knew I wanted to continuously make conscious ingredient choices that give all hair types and textures healthy and vibrant results, while also benefiting the health of all people and the planet.”

Explaining the “skinification of hair”

“There’s a “skinification of hair” movement going on, which makes a great connection between the ingredients, treatments, and benefits of our skin care routine and how they also relate to scalp care and hair care. For instance, we exfoliate our face to remove excess dry skin and debris, which allows our skin to better reap the benefits of other products. What many don’t realize is that healthy hair is rooted in scalp care, and you should think of caring for your scalp and hair as a continuation of your skin care routine for your face. A dry, irritated, inflamed, or oily scalp is more than uncomfortable — it can’t properly absorb the essential nutrients and ingredients needed for healthy hair growth.”

Her updated self-care routine

“I’ve been mindful about carving out more “me time” and treating myself to regular hair and scalp masking treatment and focusing on scalp care as part of an all-inclusive healthy hair routine. Outside of the hair care realm, I’m usually up by 6:30 a.m. every day and start with a quick meditation using the Calm app — it helps me relax and prepare for the day ahead. I also try to squeeze in a morning workout whenever I can — it gives me such a burst of energy and makes me feel accomplished early on so I can conquer the day!

The impact she wants Briogeo to make

“Briogeo opens the door for people with all hair types and needs to identify with one singular hair care brand as their own. My hope is that everyone — no matter their skin color, hair texture, ethnicity, and background — feels understood and spoken to when they experience Briogeo’s products, messaging, and marketing.”

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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