If the post-workout joint pain is your excuse for skipping your sweat sesh every time, we found the workout that will make you reconsider.

Unlike most strengthening exercises that rely on the momentum created by joints (think burpees and jump squats), modelFIT helps clients build strength through small, repetitive movements and multiple planes of motion. This targets small, stabilizing muscle groups for a more effective muscle burn and gives you long, lean muscles without any strain on joints.

So say goodbye to joint pain and head on over to FabFitFunTV to try modelFIT’s joint-friendly workouts. From a full body burn to a core and butt-targeting routine, there’s a workout that targets every major muscle group. If you’re still not convinced, check out what Vanessa Packer, founder of modelFIT, revealed about her unique approach to fitness, how one of her clients lost 15 pounds in just one month, and more below.

How did you first discover your love for fitness and health?
I grew up playing tennis during the summer — my world revolved around it, and that’s when I really started to love sports and fitness. In terms of health, I grew up in a house where cooking meals together was an activity. I was lucky to be raised with an innate appreciation for healthy food.

What makes your workout method unique?
The sequencing. Not only is it different every time, but we focus on the smaller “hard to reach” muscles so you never bulk! By strengthening those muscles, you tone, tighten, and elongate your limbs for an overall lean and sculpted physique.

What are people most surprised about when they first try your workout?
How hard it is! It’s low-impact and slow-paced, but the burn is so real! People are always surprised at how challenging it is and how sore they are the next day.

What should a first-timer be prepared for when trying your workout?
Focus on the placement of your feet and the alignment of your joints when doing the sequencing — it makes all the difference. When in doubt, just copy exactly what you see on the screen!

What’s one thing you hope clients take away from your workouts?
Whatever it is they came to us for — energy, positivity, a tighter butt, toned legs, and an uplifted spirit.

Any client success stories?
We have many success stories where women have lost 15 pounds in just one month! Some have regained strength in an area of their body where they had limited mobility while other clients shared that they feel happier, more thoughtful, and more uplifted from the workout.

What inspired you to want to start a fitness studio/train clients?
Honestly, I thought this workout was the most effective way to work the body. It actually builds strength, sculpts your body, and makes you look long, lean, and strong. I wanted to make it available to anyone and everyone that was interested in feeling better in their own body.

Three reasons why FFFTV members should try your workout:
1. modelFIT will build muscle without bulk.
2. modelFIT will boost your energy and mood.
3. modelFIT is simple to follow but challenging enough to yield results.

xx, The FabFitFun Team